A Little Boston Inspiration

Today was the Boston marathon, which honestly is something I would love to be able to do. This probably helped with my perky wake up this morning.  My alarm went off at 6 am and I actually wanted to get up.  I got dressed and even made a smoothie.  I am not good at eating in the am so a smoothie is a giant accomplishment for me however, it was a little thick so lets call it frozen yogurt. I have always heard that banana’s are great at giving you energy and never really believed it but I was relatively perky today which was nice.  Did i mention that I am not a fan of banana’s?  I honestly didn’t think that was going to be the case since I watched the hockey game last night and well it didn’t end till 11.  My Mondays usually require 8 hours of sleep to make it through successfully.  Thank you Mr. Banana for helping me with that I am going to try really hard to like you!

Now to the run! Well my and my buddy met up at the office as per usual and he was even more perky then me.  He must have eaten like 5 bananas! We started off with a little warm up (fast walking and catching up) until we got to the river then we ran.  We are getting so much faster! To switch it up and make it a little less watch focused we run to land marks.  We only walked three minutes out of our 4.69 km run and its only day 5. My biggest tip to anyone in the same running boat as me is have fun with it.  If you focus on the runny nose or difficulty breathing you will hate every second of it.  Now I laugh about how unbelievably unattractive I look with bright red cheeks and a pouring nose. It really helps!

I kept track of the race today and was blown away that people can run a full marathon in under three hours! One day I will be in Boston and do that! My biggest goal right now is to run 5 km in 20 minutes on May 10th.  I think that is possible so root for me!

Today we did 4.69 km in 23 minutes with walking so I think I will be able to get there! Day five was a success!

My quote for today is “Anything is possible!” Not only did someone run faster in Boston then i ever thought was possible but I enjoyed a banana! Yay for day 5!

Wish me luck for day 6!

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