The Little Man on the Elliptical


Well I have begun my training for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Las Vegas. My picture screams “YAY” but let me tell you I was definitely not feeling that way before the run…..

Now just to give you a little background on me, I have not been running much at all the last little bit and was dreading running on the treadmill. This prompted me to the decision that week one would be on the elliptical. For those of you who don’t know me I have never been a fan of the treadmill but living in Vegas makes it the only option for running as I melt in 100+ summer temperatures especially during monsoon season.

I told myself I was going to aim for 1 mile on the elliptical and see how I feel as I have
almost 4 months before the race. I got to my community gym and a guy was on the elliptical…… the ONLY elliptical. Rude right?! Didn’t he know I was planning on going on that? Lol Apparently this guy was no mindreader (are any of them really?) so I looked at the treadmill and gave in.  I pulled up my marathon playlist and pressed start…


I always listen to the same songs when I race.  Believe by Mumford and Sons has always been my start song.  As it got to the part where I usually start picking up my speed in the race I was flooded with memories.  My favourite memory brought me back to when I ran the Calgary Marathon with my dad and friend Larissa.  I ran the first mile with my dad and remember as I sped up to go ahead of him the feelings.  So proud that all three of us were taking on this running journey. It was both my dad and Larissas first half marathon! It was a very proud day and this memory almost brought tears to my eyes.  It also reminded me how much I LOVE RUNNING.

Im not usually such a sap but I’m home sick… I haven’t been back to Canada since April and being the family person I am I get more an more homesick as the days go by.

Now to get back on track, of course I picked up my speed on that treadmill from 6 – 7 and then 7 – 8 and then 8 – 8.5 and LOVED every second of it.  As I surpassed the 1 mile mark I realized I was no longer mad at the little man on the elliptical and kept it going with only a brief slow down after the 8.5 section right up to 2 miles.  I broke the fear of getting back on the treadmill so a big thank you to the little man on the elliptical… I’m no longer cursing you.  This just reminded me the first step is the hardest so hope you all can get out there and take that first step today! Im off to run another 2 miles on the treadmill!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read today.  Excited to share my journey with you all and as always tips/comments are appreciated.

Have an amazing Monday.


One thought on “The Little Man on the Elliptical

  1. Nice post! I’ve got similar memories from a few years back – the hardest part of going for a run was actually going for a run. Once I was on my way, I loved it. Look forward to seeing how the rest of the training goes; good luck!

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