Thinking Out Loud #11


When nothing is certain everything is possible.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1. Can you believe it is September! It is my favorite month! #1 its my birthday month and #2 I LOVE FALL! It is definitely my favorite season.septembr
  2. The past couple weeks have giving me the reminder to enjoy the journey.  It is the first time since I graduated that I have no rent, no pets, no boyfriend and a job with no limits.  Scary at times yes, especially since I am the Queen of planning but really my life is open to ALL possibilities right now. It is VERY exciting. 13380890_900389693416868_819811945_n
  3. Why yes I want to know a note about Jocelyn and/or what her future holds. Click-bait…..I am a little addicted. Anyone else going through this. Isn’t this this nicest little note! Why thank you Facebook!Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.00.12 PM
  4. I ran a 10k race and got second place! I wrote a recap earlier this week if you want more details but all in all it was a good race. And yes I was super woman!IMG_8889
  5. So if you haven’t guessed from my previous comments I am still without a home. I am staying in an amazing house but I have no home of my own.  I have almost moved into 3 but it ended up not working out. I am looking at a place downtown tomorrow so fingers crossed that one is not terrible.  I may be being a tad picky but at the end of the day I have to live there and I am refusing to settle in any aspect of my life. Step one apartment! I wish I could click my heals and find the perfect place! FYI it doesn’t work.giphy.gif
  6. I am meeting new people all over the place and it’s really exciting! I have some new running friends that live closer to where I am right now which is really exciting. I miss my West Hills running family but am also really enjoying branching out.  I am hoping to see my regular running friends soon 🙂
  7. My new addiction is Aloe Water! To be specific Aloe and Honey…. If you haven’t tried it you need to! 80bdee5e12b00afd160e3c2ac90aae2a
  8. One of my amazing friends, Marc is coming to visit me this weekend!!! I haven’t seen him for about 6 months.  It was also just his 1 year anniversary with his amazing wife Erica.  So happy for them and so excited to catch up with the last 6 months of his life!
  9. I am doing 2 challenge groups this month Abs & Squats and Yoga! Anyone want to join me?  They are going to be great. 2fe8db498c0b9062e6a70acf09535c42.jpg
  10.  I am loving the sunny days at the lake! I’m sad its going to be over soon but really is there anything better then sandy beaches, great company, good books and sunshine!?
  11. Chakra tea is amazing! My best friend Tia got me some amazing tea! Not only does it taste great but it has inspirational quotes on each tea bag.  Loving them! IMG_8863

Being must felt, It cannot be thought ❤

I hope you are all having an amazing week 🙂


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