Thinking Out Loud #10


I am a little behind in writing so here is what has been happening and on my mind.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

The past couple weeks have been a huge reminder that the first step is the hardest part.


  1. New beginnings are truly amazing! In some sense they are scary but things are really falling into place.  I am feeling blessed. new beginnings
  2. I officially am a Calgary Wedding Planner! I finished my first official Wedding as the wedding planner and although the wedding was questionable the sun came out for the bride and the day was amazing! I also have two new inquiries for my service! IMG_8223
  3. I met a great new friend that runs! He not only runs at the same pace as me but is racing with me on Saturday with a 45 minute 10k goal! We did 6k last night and it was absolutely amazing!  We are doing some speed work tonight which I am so excited for! Running friends rock!IMG_8779
  4. I am loving this daily grateful chat me and one of my best friends have been having daily.  We have been thankful for challenges, lessons, new opportunities, coworkers, friends, family and new loves this week.  All in all a lot of things to be grateful for!
  5. I got an amazing opportunity this week to take some time and write my ideal job description.  I am lucky to have such an amazing boss that really wants me to be happy and is helping anywhere he can.  There are some really great people out there! I also find out if I get my raise and promotion tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!
  6. De-Cluttering is a great feeling.  I am clearing life of all kinds of things and there is something really refreshing about getting rid/doing things you have put off or held onto for too long.  Bamm taking over my world!
  7. The ocean is so amazing. I had the opportunity to go to the east coast and some peaceful time to relax and reflect.  There is something about the ocean that soothes the soul.  I cannot wait for my next trip! I am loving these quotes!
  8. I am addicted to the ocean, lake, paddle boarding and sun.  I have the opportunity to currently live very close to a private beach and I have definitely taken full advantage.  I am a little sun burnt and may have sand in many of my books but I loved every second of it. ocean
  9. I think I am also addicted to traveling! I have decided to go to New York.  I am going either in September as an early birthday present or October for a marketing conference.  I have never been to New York and have always wanted to go.  Anyone have any input as to what I should go see while in NYC?  new york
  10. Apartment hunting continues! Every apartment that I have looked at has been somewhat of a disappointment.  Tomorrow I am going to look at an amazing (based in the pictures) apartment in Tuscany.  I hope it all works out! It is just so pretty, I hope it all works out. Fingers crossed.Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.24.37 PM
  11. My best friend Tia is coming to visit me tomorrow!!! I have no other words really for it except WOOOOO.  So excited to see her.  It has been way to long.

I hope you all are having an amazing week!  Appreciate the moment you are in , good or bad and if you get a chance to run along the ocean DO IT!




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