Thinking Out Loud #12


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Well it’s been awhile since I last blogged and miss it dearly.  I began writing this post while sitting in my hotel room in Huntington Beach California waiting to conduct and interview last week.  It seemed to be a good time to write… especially seeing as Thinking out loud was one of my favourite things to write and after 6 interviews I needed some enjoyment.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1. I cannot believe Christmas is over! Not only did I not prepare at all for Christmas but I didn’t shop until last minute. Everyone almost got a “I Love California” t-shirt from LAX. Luckily my mom was there to add a voice of reason to that option.  I think my siblings were happy that I took moms advice.
  2. I have decided that I am going to Run the Calgary Marathon again this year and I am determined to do a sub 3:30 Marathon! Started training a couple days ago and so excited for this journey! Its so true when they say its impossible to train for a marathon and not have it change you.  Running makes me feel alive, free and more like myself then almost anything else. So excited for this new challenge and hoping to have as much fun as I did last year!Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.34.31 PM
  3. I don’t usually speak about relationship drama in my blog but I feel like this one is an exception.  I had to end a relationship with a lovely man last night and it was tough but the right thing to do. Our relationship over the past 5 months had been the most eye opening relationship I have had to date.  It may sound weird but he taught me more about myself then any other relationship I have been part of.  He gave me a new perspective on relationships and for that I feel blessed. Every situation is either a blessing or a lesson… this was both.
  4. I love my new job.  I am still with the same amazing company but now I travel around the world as the Manager of Customer experiences ensuring that our customers are happy.  Since October I have been in London England, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Los Angeles (3 times), Salt Lake City, Madison and Huntington Beach. Exciting right?  I am definitely feeling really blessed.
  5. I had so much fun as a blonde I decide to give brunette a shot.  Well actually all the traveling was making it hard to keep up the blonde so I went back to my natural color! After three years as a blonde I am enjoying the change.
  6. I have a new apartment! Its not perfect but its cozy and I love it.  I have actually had it since October however I have only been home a couple times since then so yes there are still boxes in the spare room.  I am hoping to change that when I am home this week!
  7. My momma just finished her Yoga teaching certification! I am so proud of her and know she will make an excellent teacher!  How cute is she! True Canadian barefoot in the snow lolimg_1289
  8. Finding good candidates in the medical industry is tough.  Anyone have any tips on finding good recruits for sales and applications support in the Cardiac medical industry?
  9. I am going to have to do the majority of my marathon training on the road.  My days consist of site visits, interviews and paperwork.  I am so exhausted by the end of the day but need to stay motivated. Any suggestions? The plus side is that I occasionally get to run on the beach.img_0938
  10. Im loving California.  The sun, the ocean, the beach, the food… I love it all.
  11. Im loving this new book I am reading! Currently I am reading Drive.  Its a book on what motivates people and I just adore it. Definitely suggest it to others to read.
  12. Sleeping on the airplane… I cannot seem to shut down my work brain but would love to learn to sleep on the airplane.  I used to be able to do it but can’t anymore.  Any tips on turning off the corporate brain?

Overall life has been quite the ride over the past six months but I am finally feeling like me  again and loving every minute of it.  2017 is going to be a great year and I cannot wait to get back into writing and take you along for the ride with me.

Remember everything in life, without exception is either a blessing or a lesson.  Enjoy the journey.

I hope you all are having an amazing December and enjoy the holiday season! I miss you all and am excited to hear/catch up with all the happenings in your life! What’s new? Whats happening? Any new races? Any big goals for 2017? Any new PR’s?!



Thinking Out Loud #11


When nothing is certain everything is possible.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1. Can you believe it is September! It is my favorite month! #1 its my birthday month and #2 I LOVE FALL! It is definitely my favorite season.septembr
  2. The past couple weeks have giving me the reminder to enjoy the journey.  It is the first time since I graduated that I have no rent, no pets, no boyfriend and a job with no limits.  Scary at times yes, especially since I am the Queen of planning but really my life is open to ALL possibilities right now. It is VERY exciting. 13380890_900389693416868_819811945_n
  3. Why yes I want to know a note about Jocelyn and/or what her future holds. Click-bait…..I am a little addicted. Anyone else going through this. Isn’t this this nicest little note! Why thank you Facebook!Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.00.12 PM
  4. I ran a 10k race and got second place! I wrote a recap earlier this week if you want more details but all in all it was a good race. And yes I was super woman!IMG_8889
  5. So if you haven’t guessed from my previous comments I am still without a home. I am staying in an amazing house but I have no home of my own.  I have almost moved into 3 but it ended up not working out. I am looking at a place downtown tomorrow so fingers crossed that one is not terrible.  I may be being a tad picky but at the end of the day I have to live there and I am refusing to settle in any aspect of my life. Step one apartment! I wish I could click my heals and find the perfect place! FYI it doesn’t work.giphy.gif
  6. I am meeting new people all over the place and it’s really exciting! I have some new running friends that live closer to where I am right now which is really exciting. I miss my West Hills running family but am also really enjoying branching out.  I am hoping to see my regular running friends soon 🙂
  7. My new addiction is Aloe Water! To be specific Aloe and Honey…. If you haven’t tried it you need to! 80bdee5e12b00afd160e3c2ac90aae2a
  8. One of my amazing friends, Marc is coming to visit me this weekend!!! I haven’t seen him for about 6 months.  It was also just his 1 year anniversary with his amazing wife Erica.  So happy for them and so excited to catch up with the last 6 months of his life!
  9. I am doing 2 challenge groups this month Abs & Squats and Yoga! Anyone want to join me?  They are going to be great. 2fe8db498c0b9062e6a70acf09535c42.jpg
  10.  I am loving the sunny days at the lake! I’m sad its going to be over soon but really is there anything better then sandy beaches, great company, good books and sunshine!?
  11. Chakra tea is amazing! My best friend Tia got me some amazing tea! Not only does it taste great but it has inspirational quotes on each tea bag.  Loving them! IMG_8863

Being must felt, It cannot be thought ❤

I hope you are all having an amazing week 🙂


Race for Pace Recap

This race was one that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. For those of you who don’t know about this race it is an annual super hero themed race that raises money for PacekidsPacekids is an organization that supports families and children with disabilities.  It is truly an amazing cause.  I was super woman and my friend Rob was spider man.  I also was lucky to have my best friend and her husband there cheering us on!

The race started with a 1km run/walk they call the “Super Hero Parade.” This year it was not only adorable but heart warming as we watched children who parents never thought they would get the opportunity to cross a finish line with due to disabilities finish.  Tears filled my eyes as this amazing little girl crossed the finish line holding strong to her walker with who I assumed were her parents. She had a big smile on her face as she crossed the finish line.  What a way to start a run! My heart was so full.

As I choked back tears we began our warm up.  This was lead by the Saucony rep, Tyler.  He did an amazing job getting going.  I pulled myself together and got ready to go.  As we began the countdown I tried to get that competitive edge I usually have but my focus was on how full my heart felt.

We took off and I hate crowed so I speed through the arch.  We got some space and figured out our pace. Our goal was to keep a 4:30 km pace throughout.  I wasn’t feeling super competitive or fast but Rob kept us at a reasonable pace, not far off our goal pace. I was really lucky to have him push me along.

Each km seemed to fly by, before we knew it we were at 8km!  It was a there and back so we could see there were only a couple people that were ahead of us.  Rob is definitely a positive dude so he cheered us on and kept me going.

As we approached the last 500m Rob tried to get me to push harder to finish. The crowd started cheering us on, I smiled at Rob and sprinted to the finish line. I guess I found my competitive edge.


My official time was 47:16  and Robs was 47:17. Yes I beat him by 1 second! We finished third and fourth overall and 2nd in gender.

Luckily he was a good sport about it all. I think he may be able to beat me! I won’t tell him that though. I guess we will see what happens at the next race!


It was really a great time and I love having a new friend that I can run with that will also push me and potentially beat me.  What a great race! An amazing cause, amazing friends and 2nd place is always a perk.  Having my bestie also made it just a delgithful day!



If you would like to donate or find out more about this amazing cause check out PaceKids online.

Did anyone else race this weekend? Any amazing causes anyone wants to share? Any upcoming races?

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!





Thinking Out Loud #10


I am a little behind in writing so here is what has been happening and on my mind.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

The past couple weeks have been a huge reminder that the first step is the hardest part.


  1. New beginnings are truly amazing! In some sense they are scary but things are really falling into place.  I am feeling blessed. new beginnings
  2. I officially am a Calgary Wedding Planner! I finished my first official Wedding as the wedding planner and although the wedding was questionable the sun came out for the bride and the day was amazing! I also have two new inquiries for my service! IMG_8223
  3. I met a great new friend that runs! He not only runs at the same pace as me but is racing with me on Saturday with a 45 minute 10k goal! We did 6k last night and it was absolutely amazing!  We are doing some speed work tonight which I am so excited for! Running friends rock!IMG_8779
  4. I am loving this daily grateful chat me and one of my best friends have been having daily.  We have been thankful for challenges, lessons, new opportunities, coworkers, friends, family and new loves this week.  All in all a lot of things to be grateful for!
  5. I got an amazing opportunity this week to take some time and write my ideal job description.  I am lucky to have such an amazing boss that really wants me to be happy and is helping anywhere he can.  There are some really great people out there! I also find out if I get my raise and promotion tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!
  6. De-Cluttering is a great feeling.  I am clearing life of all kinds of things and there is something really refreshing about getting rid/doing things you have put off or held onto for too long.  Bamm taking over my world!
  7. The ocean is so amazing. I had the opportunity to go to the east coast and some peaceful time to relax and reflect.  There is something about the ocean that soothes the soul.  I cannot wait for my next trip! I am loving these quotes!
  8. I am addicted to the ocean, lake, paddle boarding and sun.  I have the opportunity to currently live very close to a private beach and I have definitely taken full advantage.  I am a little sun burnt and may have sand in many of my books but I loved every second of it. ocean
  9. I think I am also addicted to traveling! I have decided to go to New York.  I am going either in September as an early birthday present or October for a marketing conference.  I have never been to New York and have always wanted to go.  Anyone have any input as to what I should go see while in NYC?  new york
  10. Apartment hunting continues! Every apartment that I have looked at has been somewhat of a disappointment.  Tomorrow I am going to look at an amazing (based in the pictures) apartment in Tuscany.  I hope it all works out! It is just so pretty, I hope it all works out. Fingers crossed.Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.24.37 PM
  11. My best friend Tia is coming to visit me tomorrow!!! I have no other words really for it except WOOOOO.  So excited to see her.  It has been way to long.

I hope you all are having an amazing week!  Appreciate the moment you are in , good or bad and if you get a chance to run along the ocean DO IT!




Mindful Monday


I woke up this morning grumpy! It was a Monday morning for the books in that sense.  In reality nothing was wrong but I was sun burnt, sleepy and that coffee pot was just not working fast enough. Anyone else have one of those days? I decided that I am not letting this mood ruin my day.

My friend and I share our grateful thoughts each day so we started that way.  I would love to hear about all the things you are grateful for! Lets share some positivity and make this Monday full of love and laughter 🙂

Today I am grateful for:

  1. Good books!


I just finished “As I lay Dying” by William Falkner and am back on my   Jane Austin kick.  I am starting Emma right now.  That book showed up in front of my eye everywhere I went the last couple weeks so I think ill take the hint and read it.

  1.  Good friend!


Everyday my friend Larissa and I share the top 3 things we are grateful for in that moment which has become a great way to start the day on a positive note. She is an early bird too so its nice we do this first thing. I am so grateful for her and really all my amazing friends. I have some amazing coworkers that I spent the weekend with who inspire me and make me laugh on a daily basis.  I also have an amazing group of friends at the running room, I even met a new friend this weekend that is going to race with me on Saturday! He is actually faster than me (so he says LOL) so we will see! We ran 16k and it felt effortless which is bizarre because I haven’t done that distance in awhile! I am truly blessed and so excited about my race!

  1. Sunshine!

A couple weeks ago I spent a week in PEI and it was AMAZING and sunny.  This weekend I spent one day at the farmers market with my coworker, his wife and a new friend of mine.  We walked down to Sandy Beach and had an amazing time in the sun! Sunday it was another beautiful sunny day starting with a 16k run followed by some beach time with some amazing people. We read, relaxed, swam, jumped off the dock, I even played beanbags and didn’t suck! Even though I am a tad red I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the sun!

It is so easy to get into a funk so try it out and have an amazing Monday.

What are you grateful for today?


Stuff… Who needs it?!


My goal for August is DE-CLUTTERING.

Over the past couple weeks I have realized I have a lot of things I do not need.  I am sure there are many others in this boat. Honestly, I have no idea why I hold onto half the stuff I do… I am taking care of this now so in 20 years I am  not buried under a pile of junk.

Here is my game plan:

  1.  Drop off all clothing I have not wore in 6 months to a consignment store.
  2. Socks that do not have a match HAVE TO GO.  I may need to go shopping because for those of you who don’t know me I have an issue with wearing matching socks… The issue is I can never find matching ones.
  3. Any clothing with holes/rips HAVE TO GO
  4. Donate ALL older bedding to the Humane Society. I’m sure animals will appreciate my love for soft blankies!
  5. House coats that have holes in them need to go PERIOD
  6. Donate ALL books that I am not going to read again to the public library.

I encourage you all to have a look at you material items. Do you need a De-cluttering initiative?

This year is my year to be upgraded, shiny and free.

Let the  De-cluttering begin!  Wish me luck! Also, any tips or tricks with De-cluttering is greatly appreciated 🙂




Thinking out loud #9


Great things have never come from comfort zones! This is my theme for the week! Everyday I did something that scared me a little and as little as each act was it felt so amazing!

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1.  Apartment shopping is ANNOYING and fun actually!  I had my heart set on one apartment and well it didn’t go as planned.  On a positive note I saw a really amazing place this week so as long as I can make it work its mine.  It is everything I would want besides the location.  What is more important location or everything else? I mean this place has hardwood, walk in closet, jet tub, heated underground parking… Did I mention it is a new building and I would be the first to live in it.  Let’s hope I make the right decision! Isn’t it pretty!Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.24.59 AM.png
  2. The Bachelorette was intense. Yes I am one of those girls that just loves this show however, I am not sure that she made the right choice. Robbie was such a sweetheart! Who am I to judge though. Do woman always go for the bad boy? Love can be a confusing thing though, Hang in there Robbie!
  3. I love RUNNING! Now that I am training again I am just loving life! It feels so great working towards a new goal! IMG_8054
  4. I am also so proud of my running girls! We did an amazing 3km Race pace run Monday and a tempo run Wednesday! AMAZING! This Saturday is our goal race! So excited! RACE WEEK! Can you feel my excitement! IMG_8147
  5. I never run in sports bras. It seems silly but it was something that intimidated me.  I did it this week and felt great! Do any of you run in sports bras or have a similar intimidation to it?  If you do give it a shot it feels great!
  6. I found a new amazing hairstylist! His name is Anthony and he is AMAZING! Plus he is delightful company! He made me a little more blonde than usual but I feel great!
  7. IMG_8100Addicted to this show that my lovely sister showed me “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit” this show is so funny.  It seriously is hilarious and that’s about all I have to say about that. giphy
  8. I have been so grateful all week long and my amazing friend Larissa has been doing the same! This week we were so thankful for all the amazing opportunities in our lives, friends, family, books, laughter and of course coffee.  All these things came up multiple times in the week. I am so grateful for where I am in my life.  So exciting for all the amazing things coming up in my future.affirmation-gratitude
  9. I AM GOING TO PEI! I am so excited that I am going to get to go to visit my family in PEI! Plus I am going to get to run on the beach and paddle board in the ocean! My mom has already perfected it so I need to step up my game! Look at her go! Downward dog on a paddle board… I feel like I need to challenge her so anyone have input on what pose I should aim to do?  Keep in mind my flexibility is -200% lol. Lot 42-20160725-00315
  10.  Holy rain! It has been the craziest rainy week ever! My vehicle was almost door deep in water the other day! Luckily a neighbor came and saved the day otherwise baby jeep may have floated away! IMG_8179
  11. I tried paddle boarding and I stood up on my first try!  I love paddle boarding! That is all.giphy.gif
  12. My sister has let me know that I somehow agreed to go skydiving.  I am terrified of heights.. we will see how this goes.
  13. Loving this quote and loving the sun today!  Yes I am still on a crazy positive zen kick! Turn-your-face-to-the-sun-and-the-shadows-fall-behind-you.-Charlotte-Whitton

How was your week? Do anything that challenged you?

I hope you all are having an amazing week!! One more day until the weekend!

Enjoy each day and defy your limits!



Half Marathon: Let’s Do This!


Since my marathons in May I have got myself in quite the running funk.  To get out of this funk I have decided to get a PR in the Harvest Half Marathon or Okanagan Half Marathon in October. I am pretty excited because one of my best friends is going to do one of these with me!  She didn’t know this until a couple days ago but luckily she is really excited too! Heck maybe I can get my dad in it too.  I don’t want to push my luck though!


What I learned from my last endurance run was that consistency and cross training are key. My friend at the running room commented on how amazing Hal Higdon’s training program is so I am going to give his Advanced Half Marathon Plan a try!  I usually make my own plan but I feel like I should trust those who know best so here is the plan!  The only changes I made was incorporating cross training into the plan. I will be starting on week two since I essentially have done the first two weeks of training already however my pace will be a work in progress for the next couple weeks.

Cross training activities include yoga, barre, kick boxing, zumba, paddle boarding and swimming.

My goal time is 1 hour 35 minutes and my friends goal is 1 hour 45 minutes

A very knowledgeable man/runner (John Stanton) told me to picture my goal and it will be possible. I can see it and I know I can do it.

Race Plan

Here are my pace goals: (min/km)

  • Easy run pace: 5 minute 17 seconds
  • Race pace: 4 minute 30 seconds
  • Tempo pace: 4 minutes 24 seconds
  • Speed work pace: 3 minute 40 seconds
  • Long Slow Pace: 5 minutes to 5 minutes 59 seconds

Monday I started with 3 km’s. Today I will do  7 hills, 3 miles Wednesday, 30 minutes tempo run on Thursday, Paddle boarding  and yoga Friday and a 10k Race Saturday! I am really hoping to get adjusted to these pace guidelines by mid August. I haven’t exactly disclosed how much training or the paces we are going to be doing to my friend yet but will definitely note her response when I send her the workouts.

So here we go!  This is going to be an amazing journey and I will share it with you all as I go. As always tips and comments are appreciated.

Wish me luck 🙂






Thinking Out Loud #8


So I am a little behind in posting because WOW is life busy!

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1. I love hills!  My 10k clinic ran a hill that intimidates all the runners in the SW… At the running room we call it “The Beast”.  Our goal was to complete four and we finished with five hill repeats! Feeling VERY empowered today and so proud of my group for completing this challenge!IMG_8076
  2. Sooo In love with my bestie Jade’s baby girl Aria! I don’t think the world knew perfection before her.  Her parents are really amazing so I guess she was destined for greatness but on a daily basis this little princess brightens my day.IMG_7967
  3. I ran the 10k Stampede Road Race.  I had very little sleep the night before and didn’t get to do my favorite traditions (laying out my outfit, pasta dinner, warm bath before bed ) which resulted in a very poor performance in the race. I ended up finishing in 50:23 which is not terrible but one of my longest 10k’s in awhile. I saw some amazing people at the race though so that was my highlight.53CFF847-8658-46D5-9994-5A6DE7CF0169
  4. I have a new love for lime green! A couple Wednesdays ago it was the Running Rooms 32nd anniversary so there was a 20 minute challenge accompanied with great people and bright green hats! To top it off the rain started AFTER we finished running.779E75AF-EE70-4701-A45D-0AD593578C38
  5. My parents are in PEI and offered me a trip so I am definitely planning to go! How cute is my mom! She is improvising her workouts while away.  Paddle boarding and Yoga on the RV! Way to go Momma! You Rock!IMG_8081
  6. I finally got in with the allergy specialist! I have been waiting six months so this is a plus.
  7. GILMORE GIRLS IS COMING TO NETFLIX! I do not think this needs any more explanation but needless to say I am excited! giphy
  8. So Pokemon Go…. Is this really something everyone is doing?  I have never been into this sort of thing so the idea of searching for Pokemon throughout the city is bizarre to me.  Anyone want to explain the draw here? I am however quite amused by the funny gif’s that are associated with it. 4cec0c501e4c21470247bd9b476153ea
  9.  I made a vision board! I love waking up each morning and be reminded by this inspiration!



  10. How much coffee is too much coffee?  My friend Chris is cutting caffeine out and suggested I give it a shot.  I have 2-3… sometimes 7 cups of coffee a day and feel this is fine but apparently cutting a little caffeine out of your life poses many benefits. Anyone have any input here because in my opinion lots of coffee is what I need  not the opposite.VlAGm
  11. Obsessed with audio books right now! I am powering through one a day and it’s delightful! Anyone have any books that are good ones to read?  I am open to fiction, non fiction, autobiographies, self help and really everything.
  12. I am giving paddle boarding a shot… I lack balance on the ground let alone on a board… on water.  We will see how this goes but I am over the top excited to give this a try! My mom did it on the ocean this past week so I am hoping to channel her through this experience and maybe stay dry lol IMG_8080
  13. I have decided to sign up for a half marathon, potentially the Harvest half in Calgary.  Anyone else doing it?  I am going to start training right away and am so excited to get my time down with a goal of 1:30!Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.41.19 AM
  14. A couple of my friends are having a rough go at life right now so everyday we say the top three things we are grateful for.  It is such an amazing way to start the day! If you are having a rough time or have the summer blues give it a shot! I am thinking of starting a blog linkup for Everyday grateful.  Posting Every Friday of all the things I was grateful for. Anyone else up for this? today-i-am-grateful-half-banner

The world is a beautiful place sometimes you just have to look to see the beauty around you… Yes I am on this crazy positive zen kick right now you should join me 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing week and enjoy the long weekend!


Thinking Out Loud #7


Life is flying by lately,  I cannot believe its Thursday already.

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1.  So Calgary stampede is starting.  Many people are excited however, I work in an office next to me is a beer tent….. I am not excited.
  2. I signed up for the Stampede Road Race on Sunday! Its my first race since my marathon, at the end of May.  It was my fastest 10k last year so I am really excited to see how it goes! Wish me luck!Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.10.31 PM.png
  3. I got another new office! It feels like I am playing musical chairs at work which is driving me crazy but I have a great open space to work with now. IMG_0602.JPG
  4. I am looking to get some short distance race shoes?  I tried the Mizuno Sayonara and liked them! Anyone have any tips on light, short distance running shoes?Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.11.43 PM
  5. What is the difference between lying and leaving out details?  Is there one? If the intention is to leave info out as to not hurt someones feelings is that better than telling the truth and hurting their feelings?  I don’t think so but would love input?
  6. My running clinic did their first set of hills! We aimed for 3 but they ended up doing 3.5 plus the big hill at end! So proud they all did so amazing! Over 4 hills total! It was challenging even for me but I had a blast because of the great company!IMG_7811
  7. My parents have been gone for less than a week and I miss them already! It looks like their pit bull Pudgie has settled in quite nicely though! How cute is he!IMG_7819
  8. I want to go to Italy! I have this lovely friend Federica (who lives in Rome) and we made a deal that I was going to teach her run and she is going to teach me Italian. I am working on writing her a training plan. I have it all written out but am even more excited for her to teach me Italian and having a running buddy in Rome!13524305_10208625670586408_943470169875597494_n
  9. I have officially gone one week without biting my nails! They say it takes 30 days to create a habit… 23 to go. IMG_7818

Hope you all are having an amazing week!