I’m back!


Well its been awhile… Over a year to be exact. I don’t even know where to start… So much has changed since I last blogged. I guess I will start right where I am.  Currently, I am sitting in my hotel in La Jolla, listening to the ocean crash against the shore while texting with my best friend and writing this. Preciously I had only blogged about running but I think as my life has changed so significantly I am going to expand and write about more then just my running.  Don’t get me wrong running is still a big part of my life but now so is work, life, love, fashion and travel.  What changed? Well let me tell you….

Last December you may remember me traveling A LOT for work, getting a new apartment, ending a relationship and running on beaches. At that point I loved occasionally traveling, my new home and Calgary life. Little did I know that less then a month later my life was going to change completely AGAIN.  In January/February I spend a lot of time on the USA east coast with some amazing people for work.  One of my best friends, Brad lives in NYC and has been quite the blessing in my life.  Little did I know he would help trigger the some major changes and excellent opportunities. Now you are probably all thinking that I got pregnant or something… Brad is happily married so no that’s not where I am going here.  He was working with our company and quit with no notice…. To my surprise he recommended me to take over his role as Account Executive in the company.  When he quit I went to NYC for 3 weeks to make sure his customers were taken care of and had an amazing time, ate amazing food, met amazing people and went on some movie worthy dates! NYC swept me off my feet.  In my mind it was all temporary, I mean I loved NYC but could I really be that far from my family? Although running through central park or eating a cannoli in little Italy was amazing I still missed my friends and family from Canada and would prefer to be closer.

I remember sitting in a cafe in Manhattan doing paperwork on my computer enjoying numerous espresso’s when I got the call. My boss was so excited to offer me a substantial raise and promotion… he told me I could pick which side of the USA I wanted as my territory, east coast or west coast.  I am indecisive so this was terrifying.  He recommended west coast because it is more realistic but left the decision to me.  I remember dancing around my table, probably much faster/funnier then I thought as I was on my 3rd or 4th espresso. Luckily in New York it was not anything they hadn’t seen before so no one really noticed.  All I wanted to do was celebrate with my family, but they were 5/6 hours away and 3 hours behind me…. That is when reality set it. Did I want to be that far away? Long story short I chose west coast and don’t regret it.  I mean NYC has a big piece of my heart but I have three amazing friends to visit and am only a short flight away.

Over the next 2 weeks I worked on the paperwork surrounding my move, jumped on an airplane and headed down to the Western USA.  I spend weeks in California, Utah, Texas and Nevada.  I had on a couple weeks to make the decision on where to live. I needed a good airport, affordable living and easy access to home.  I was between Huntington Beach, San Antonio, Austin or Vegas. In the end Vegas won as that was where my boss was leaning and my best friends family lives in Vegas so I wouldn’t be so alone for my first year.  The move was a whirlwind, I had movers in Canada put my stuff in storage, my best friends family help me furnish my new condo and Amazon prime add the finishing touches.  My mother even flew in the week after I moved in to add the mom touch and furnish her bedroom/spare room. I was so lucky I even found a great running path and my friends brother Taylor and his dog would join me on my runs! That was short lived but I still occasionally take his dog with me.

Well that’s where I am at now, living in Las Vegas, traveling the western USA, selling medical software and trying to find my way in this new life.  I feel like this is the perfect place to stop as you now get the jist of where I am now.  I am planning on keeping up with blogging again and have so much more to update you on my running, traveling and life. Next will obviously be about running as I have a half marathon coming up in November! Its the Rock and Roll Half Marathon here in Vegas if anyone wants to join me!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my update.  I hope everything is going amazing in your world. Remember everything in life, without exception is either a blessing or a lesson. Enjoy the journey.

Looking forward to catch up on everyone’s life and share my amazing journey with you all.








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