Race for Pace Recap

This race was one that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. For those of you who don’t know about this race it is an annual super hero themed race that raises money for PacekidsPacekids is an organization that supports families and children with disabilities.  It is truly an amazing cause.  I was super woman and my friend Rob was spider man.  I also was lucky to have my best friend and her husband there cheering us on!

The race started with a 1km run/walk they call the “Super Hero Parade.” This year it was not only adorable but heart warming as we watched children who parents never thought they would get the opportunity to cross a finish line with due to disabilities finish.  Tears filled my eyes as this amazing little girl crossed the finish line holding strong to her walker with who I assumed were her parents. She had a big smile on her face as she crossed the finish line.  What a way to start a run! My heart was so full.

As I choked back tears we began our warm up.  This was lead by the Saucony rep, Tyler.  He did an amazing job getting going.  I pulled myself together and got ready to go.  As we began the countdown I tried to get that competitive edge I usually have but my focus was on how full my heart felt.

We took off and I hate crowed so I speed through the arch.  We got some space and figured out our pace. Our goal was to keep a 4:30 km pace throughout.  I wasn’t feeling super competitive or fast but Rob kept us at a reasonable pace, not far off our goal pace. I was really lucky to have him push me along.

Each km seemed to fly by, before we knew it we were at 8km!  It was a there and back so we could see there were only a couple people that were ahead of us.  Rob is definitely a positive dude so he cheered us on and kept me going.

As we approached the last 500m Rob tried to get me to push harder to finish. The crowd started cheering us on, I smiled at Rob and sprinted to the finish line. I guess I found my competitive edge.


My official time was 47:16  and Robs was 47:17. Yes I beat him by 1 second! We finished third and fourth overall and 2nd in gender.

Luckily he was a good sport about it all. I think he may be able to beat me! I won’t tell him that though. I guess we will see what happens at the next race!


It was really a great time and I love having a new friend that I can run with that will also push me and potentially beat me.  What a great race! An amazing cause, amazing friends and 2nd place is always a perk.  Having my bestie also made it just a delgithful day!



If you would like to donate or find out more about this amazing cause check out PaceKids online. http://www.pacekids.ca/about/

Did anyone else race this weekend? Any amazing causes anyone wants to share? Any upcoming races?

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!





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