That Wasn’t So Bad

Now before you get to excited about this one let me emphasize the SO in the sentence above.  This morning I woke up and didn’t completely dread the idea of running.  That’s a start right?

My mother let me know that as time goes by I will start dreading it less and that will grow into enjoyment. I still haven’t got a handle on the whole runny nose and heavy breathing aspect of running. I am hoping that comes in time.

Today wasn’t as cold though so that helped a bit. Not only was it really beautiful out but my running buddy and I laughed three quarters of the run (I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the whole breathing part of running). We almost didn’t even notice that we ran for longer periods then the prior ones! I even talked him into a selfie! Today was fun!

Did you know you are supposed to keep your core engaged while you run!? Whoever does this regularly is my hero because it is tough! My mother let me know that sometimes when her and my dad run she will poke him in the stomach to make sure that his core is engaged…. Remind me to keep clear of my mother when it comes to running or at least stay a full arms length away.  Did I mention that my mother is a tough cookie so kudos to you dad! He must have abs of steal! So that’s your tip for today! Keep your core engaged! You never know when someone is going to hit you in the stomach! Should I try this on my running buddy?

The moral of the story is after day three I don’t hate running as much as I did prior.

We successfully ran 4.64 km in 28 minutes! It felt like we went faster today but my app says otherwise.  I then spent two hours trying to re calibrate my phone in case it was wrong…. Its automatic and well its right.  Damn technology!

I have 23 days left before my 5k for Mothers Day! I have to think of what my goal time should be for this run.  Any suggestions?

Quote of today is coming to you from Adidas “A run begins the moment you forget you are running.”

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