No More Monday Blues

This morning I woke up and was actually excited to run! I got some new lulu running swag so that helped me get a little more excited! So a tip to anyone who is feeling a tad down in the dumps, wear something that makes you feel good! It helps you not only get out of bed but it assists you with taking on the world! I guess that may be a tad aggressive but that’s how I felt today! I could handle anything in this case running with sore shins was my big challenge.  I am blown away that they are still sore! I felt great after I ran about 5 minutes. My running buddy was perky as ever as well! He is such a trooper! He biked to work today and then ran with me! Amazing right!

We ran almost the whole time today straight! We did 5 km in 30 minutes! I didn’t get a cramp, I didn’t even notice if my nose was running and my sore shins didn’t bug me! Today was a good run! It was so beautiful outside as well which just added to this wonderful Monday morning!

In life it is so easy to not live in the moment.  So much is always going makes its easy to think about the things depressing you, stressing you or even things you have to do.  Today I really focused on the moment and enjoyed the beauty in it.  I usually am thinking of negative things or really anything but my surroundings when I run. The run was breath taking (both by the beauty of it all and my struggle with cardio).  Today take a moment and live in it.  It’s honestly one of the best Mondays I have had in awhile and its because I lived it.

Today my quote for the run would have to be “Never forget to enjoy and bask in the beauty of every moment!” I forget to this more often then no and today was a reminder of how beautiful life truly is!

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