My Bucket List

Last night I was looking through Pinterest and got onto a bucket list kick. So I start my Bucket list.  I started one awhile ago but didn’t keep up with it so now i will add that list too and put a pic under it when i accomplish it. Its going to be updated regularly but I will add what I have and then write a little blurb  about it or post a pic under it when I complete the remaining ones.  In today’s world it is so easy to get side tracked and lose who you are so I am hoping on top of everything else this helps keeps me me! I recommend everyone has an evolving bucket list.  You only live once and you might as well accomplish everything you want to!

At the end of my life I want to be able to say I am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life. I am strong and capable!

Here is my list!

Travel the world (So far I have been to Mexico, Dominican, Cuba, All over the US and Europe (Italy and France).

Do a pageant (Miss Universe Canada 2010)

Do a marathon


Hold a baby cheetah

Go on an African safari

Help build an orphanage

Book an airplane ticket and just leave

Walk on fire (the rock thing)

Be a movie extra

Walk behind a waterfall

Write a letter to Juliet and paste it on Juliet’s Wall

Ride a water taxi in Venice

Write a blog (In progress)

Write a letter to myself

Take a walk through Paris

Ice skate in central park

Go on a vacation by myself (Went to Europe on my own this year!)

Write on the “Before I die” wall in New Orleans

Go to a Broadway Show in Chicago, Boston and New York

Watch the ball drop in Time Square in New York

Go to the Alcatraz Prison in San Fransisco (By choice)

Go somewhere I have never seen every year

Visit a castle

Go to Ireland

Name a star

Jump on a water trampoline

Adopt a child

Dance in the rain (CHECK, a photo may have ruined this moments)

Be the maid of honor in my best friends wedding

Visit the house from UP

Throw a coin and make a wish at the Trevi Fountain (I threw 3 however it was under construction!)

Tour Rome (Ruins, Colosseum)

Run the boardwalk in Nice France

Spend a week in Monaco

See the Statue of Liberty

Spend Valentines Day in Paris

Ride an Elephant

Watch a sunset in Santorini Greece

Float in the Dead Sea

Visit the Holy Land

Stay in a water bungalow

Stand under the Hollywood Sign (And take a pic obviously)

Swim in the largest pool in the world

Take a photo every day of one year (Working on it)

Send a message in a bottle

Add a lock to the Love Lock bridge in Paris

Let go of a floating lantern in Thailand

Swim with dolphins (CHECK!)

Throw a dart and travel to wherever it lands

Fill and truck with pillows and watch a meteor shower

Go on a girls trip with my sisters

Buy an old ford and redo it

Own a Jaguar XJ

Get my masters degree

Watch a Victoria Secret Fashion Show Live

Stay on the Vegas Strip with Tia!

Go to the Sydney Opera house!

Get a tour of Niagara Falls

Get a tour of a Vineyard

This is what I have so far. Although its always growing I am determined to do it all.

Hope you all do the same. Keep you you!

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