Life Detox

Sometimes when things are going a little horrible a full life detox is what the doctor ordered. I am starting that today along with the million other new things going on!

Here is my recipe for life detox:

1) Evaluate who you surround yourself with! If they don’t bring joy to your life cut them out. You never know what someone else’s thoughts or intentions are so try not to read into their actions. You only live once, why waste your energy on people that don’t value you! Love yourself!
2) Try something new everyday! If it scares you try it (unless it’s physically not safe or harmful). These things will help you be you! When you are in a situation that you truly have to push yourself it will show you who you really are and I bet it will amaze you how strong you really are!
3) Exercise! Spend at least an hour a day doing something great for your body! It will thank you later!
4) Drink water! You should aim to drink half you body weight in ounces of water  eor day! Don’t deviate from that!
5) Sleep! Get eight hours of sleep per night! If you are aiming to be beautiful inside and out you need your beauty sleep!
If you are going through a tough time try this out! Time heals all!

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