Thinking Out Loud #4


This past week has been really focused on self reflection and I have been so excited to write this post!

This blog idea originally came from the Blog Running with Spoons, an amazing blogger.  Here is the link to her first post if you want to give it shot too!

This is an opportunity in the week to talk about things that are on your mind which is a really cool idea!

  1. I had such an amazing time with my best friend Tia! We got some time to catch up, do a Barre Class and  wander the Lilac Festival here in Calgary.  Although it was so hot it was a blast!IMG_7382.JPG
  2. Post marathon blues is a real thing! This is one of the marathon things that I didn’t think would happen to me. I was wrong! I have been stuck on where I should go next, if I am happy where I am at in my life and just overall struggling.  I took a long walk on Tuesday night this week and it really helped me see the positives in my world. Anyone have any tips on dealing with the post marathon blues?IMG_7457
  3. Acupuncture and Cupping is AMAZING!  I went for a treatment this week and all my aches and pains are gone! My legs actually feel alive again! I felt great on my 4km run last night!IMG_7465
  4. I saw an old friend from my Lethbridge days! I used to work with Lindsey at the Stone and haven’t seen her since last year when I ran into her at the Stampeders game!  I am also so excited for her to have her baby boy in August this year.  I cannot believe how grown up we are!  It was so amazing seeing her, she has such a positive attitude and really is just great to be around.  I’m excited to hopefully see her more often now!
  5. I need an air conditioner! It was so got in our house on Tuesday night that we barely slept. I have a system now I open all windows and most doors to get some air in through the evening but I would prefer an AC.  I legitimately contemplated sleeping on the deck this week.
  6. It was my sister birthday this week! MY little sister turned 26!  We are all growing up and its crazy to me that we are all real adults now.  We are having a little celebration this Saturday and I am so excited about it.


    Photo Taken by Lee Symborski

  7. Fake it till you make it! So I am talking about my toes here…. I have painted them and painted the nail on where missing.  I am feeling like a girl again. Anyone else do this?IMG_7466
  8. I get a date night tonight! My boyfriend and I live together but are so busy we never get time together.  I am so excited to spend some quality time with him tonight!IMG_6970
  9. I am thinking of re opening my event planning company here is Calgary! This would be so exciting and would definitely be enjoyable.  I’m feeling lost at where to start but I ordered business cards so that was exciting.  Any big city event planners have tips on getting started?
  10.  This summer I want to try a new cross training activity each month. In May I did Barre which was a blast so I am now looking for a new one! I am thinking of trying Orange Theory Fitness, it sounds both challenging and amazing! Anyone try this? Any thoughts?

Have an awesome week!




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