My First 10k Race

June 2015

Catch Me If You Can!

Wow what a weekend! This Sunday I ran my first 10 kilometer race and I am just so proud of myself. I went into the race with the idea of making it in 50 minutes. I am now getting to the point where I am transitioning between sprinting and long distance running.. In my opinions anyways.

I have put together some goals that I think will help me prepare for my transition.

  1. Two cross training days a week
    1. I want to try some new activities and alternate with some that I love so here is the list!
      1. Barre
      2. Spin
      3. Hot yoga
      4. Zumba
      5. Wall climbing
      6. Elliptical Training
      7. Body Combat at Good life
      8. Body Shred at Good life
      9. Kickboxing
  2. Three planned runs per week
    1. Hill Run (5-8 km on the treadmill at 3.5 incline with some recovery)
    2. Long Run (Increasing each weeks by 10 minutes or 3 km)
      1. Starting at 1 hour and ten minutes (Goal to run between 11 km and 21 km)
    3. Tempo Run (5-8 km outside or on treadmill with a pace under 5 minutes per km)
I know I have put goals on here before but as I am running more my ability and insight into the process is changing.  I am always looking for feedback so any input is added.
Now back to my 10 km run! It was so great minus the cramp that I got after 2 km.  I even hydrated the day before and took great care in prepping.  I am stumped on why I got the cramp! My mom said that maybe banana’s in the morning would help.  Any input there?
I started my run same as last time by dragging my mom through the crowd and then working on my breathing and setting my pace. I am amazed at how concentrating on full breathes and having great music to keep me on target.  I lost my mother a few seconds after we cleared the crowed.  I just enjoyed the environment and the run itself, periodically checking to see if my dear momma was on my tails.  I couldn’t see her until about km 8 when she caught up to me.  My mom is just so great she told me to stop looking for her because it slows me down and she always has my back and of course will always catch up to me.  Moral of that story… My mom always has my back and will pinch it when she catches me so keep that core engaged!
Once mom caught up to me I stuff with her till the last kilometre.  I really wanted to finish the line with her when that one kilometre sign approached us I grabbed her hand and tried to get her to sprint the last bit with me.  She didn’t feel the same and that wonderful little momma of mine didn’t want to slow down my time let go of my hand and left me to sprint.  Just for the record I only beat her by 5 seconds.  This is us right after we crossed the finish line!
It was really great and I am so proud of myself! my official time is 48:03 minutes for 10 km with an average pace between 4:35 and 5:45 minutes per kilometre.  I placed 8th in my category! My mom finished first in hers and my day 14th in his! Great day for a race right and I am so lucky have such great parents that do this with me!
I feel very accomplished and like I am right on track for my next goal the lst marathon!
Overall I am happy and I think right on track! My quote and learning lesson from this run definitely would have to be what my mom said to me… My parents they always have my back, even if i can’t see them.

Next race is going to the Color Me Rad race at the end of June and then the big half marathon in August!

Wish me luck and I will keep you updated in my progress throughout!

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