Finding My Pace

May 2015
Each week you are supposed to do one fast run, one hill run and one long run. Monday I did my long rung with my running buddy and my dog! It was truly a great run! The sun was shining, I was outside, I had a great sleep and I was ready to run! We planned for 8 km since we had my dog.  This run was full of different terrain (road, cement, hills, pathways and grass).  It was really great to work through the pain in my legs that still lingered from my slightly intense hill training day on Saturday! The even better part is that I am even less sore today, I really feel like the run helped my mood and my recovery.  We did our 8.4 km run at a relaxed pace of between 5.5 and 6.5 minute kilometers.  We really took in the environment and enjoyed every minute.  We could have ran forever at this pace and in this environment. I have read that advanced runners find a pace that they can run comfortably and distance no longer is a challenge.  Although I am pretty sure I still have a lot of training to do before distance is no longer a challenge I felt that I could run forever.  Even when we finished we weren’t exhausted only the dog was ready for a nap.


Bear also isn’t great at looking at the camera, even with direction…..
Here are the things I learned from this run:
  1. If you get to a pace that is in between pushing yourself and still holding a comfortable conversation is the best pace to do long distances.
  2. Hydrate the day prior and you won’t get cramps.
  3. Enjoy the scenery! It was a beautiful day and we ran right by the reservoir which was breathtaking. (Both literally and physically since we were running).
  4. Drink a smoothie about an hour and a half prior to your run! It gives you a little push when you need it.
I have 20 weeks (about) till my first marathon so I am working on cross training as well. Any tips on strength exercises that may improve my running (endurance and speed)?
Running an easy 30 minutes today and cross training tomorrow so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
The only thing I can really describe my long run is one word BEAUTIFUL.  It was truly a great refreshing run and I loved every minute of it!
Hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!

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