From Snow to Shine!

Week 2 and 3 of Marathon Training

So I am bulking week two and three together as its been a very busy couple weeks for me! Not only did I go to LA for the week but I had a jam packed training schedule!

Week 2 started as per usual with my Monday night run with the groups and my push up challenge.  I am now doing over 30 push ups a day and feeling stronger then ever!

Tuesday was focused on weights and strength building which I struggle with! I cannot believe how wrong I was doing most exercises and how weak parts of my body is from it! Who knew you could mess up a squat! I highly recommend that when training you do get a trainer or attend classes where the instructor can assist you in making sure you are using proper form.  It makes a HUGE difference!

Wednesday we focused on Hills! I did 5 400m hills and could really feel my legs but not in the pain sense.  It really felt like I was working my body which is a feeling I have slowly learned to love. I never thought I would look forward to completely exhausting myself but I really do!

Friday I worked on my running form and stretched! I even got some sun salutations in and worked on loosening my terribly tight hips.  I cannot beleive how much the roller helps even though it is the lease enjoyable thing I think I have done as of yet in regards to running.

Sunday I ran with the running room club in West Hills doing our long run.  Another really great run! Everyday they amaze me with their progress and positive attitudes through the long runs! Truly amazing how far they have come!

Monday morning I was off to LA! I rushed to the airport and away I went.

Landing in LA was beautiful! The palm trees and shining sun were such a great sight to see when coming from snowy Calgary! By the time I landed and got organized in the house we rented I didn’t have much time for running but mapped out some routes for later in the week! I did get a chance to see some of my favorite colleagues as well!

Tuesday marked my first day of Training and then was off to organize for the upcoming week and finished my day attending the Lakers game! I have never been to a NBA game so this was very exciting! I highly recommend attending one if you are ever in LA! The crowds went on for what seemed forever! Not to brag but we were in seat 14 of the first level to boot!

Wednesday I spent the day working with Doctors and organizing the rest of the week! We had a great group dinner and I welcomed my other 20 colleagues to LA!

Thursday I FINALLY got a run in! It was MUCH needed! When you are as OCD as me you tend to overdue the planning portion of the events, I made specific itineraries for all 26 of our internal attendees.  I needed the run to clear my head and let out a little OCD.  The run was beautiful! I was in west Hollywood so I just ran through the streets looking at amazing houses and cars! There is so much money in LA its crazy! The only downfall is that it was really hilly and uneven.  You would think with all the money in the city their walkways would be in better shape.  All in all it was a really great run even having to watch my step as I went.

Friday and Saturday both were consumed by work follow customer appreciation dinners.  I got little stretches in before bed with my push ups and crunches.

I also got some time to check out the Walk of Fame!

Sunday I headed home, back to reality getting in a baby run when i got home and rolling out my poor legs. Wearing heals for a week can be a workout all on its own!

So there you have it! My past two weeks! Now that I am back to reality I’m looking forward to getting back to my training schedule! When you travel how do you get your workouts in? All tips and tricks are appreciated!

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