Beep Beep Wake Up

I know it is completely unrealistic to think that I am would magically become really great the first couple times I ran but it is where my head is at.  I think that is just another illustration of my thought process…

I don’t know how better to explain today besides by giving a play by play.

My alarm went off at 5:30 am ok maybe I ignored it until 6:00 am…

You know when you are having a extremely interesting dream and that darn alarm goes off and messes it all up! Well I was going through a breakup in my dream, one that i had gone through about three times in real life prior.  I was on a roll with great come backs and still taking the high road (In my opinion both of which are important).  It was impressive; however, the ungodly beeping that followed it took some gratification away from that not so real moment.

From there I messaged my running buddy to see if he would potentially be up to rain checking the run this am instantly feeling guilty for that message but feeling hopeful that he would agree at the same time.  Not only did he not agree but he also responded that its only 0 so we should be fine and he was on route. Starting off to a great start as a motivational running partner. I rushed out of bed and made my way to the office.  My house is about 15 blocks from the office and I hit an impressive 10 red lights adding to my excitement for the day.

I got to the office (a little late and a little flustered) and we were off our goal was to do 28 minutes and 4.5km.  I read that you are supposed to start off with a 5 minute brisk walk, we do have to walk a bit through downtown Calgary before we get to the river path. It was honestly really beautiful out.  I wish I could have focused on that.  Instead my focus was on the horrible cramp on my right side, my runny nose, the cold air taking over my lungs, the puffy breathing you apparently get from being out of shape and my cold fingers and face.  Did I mention this was all within the first 5 running minutes.  My mother says this is because I am a baby; however, she is a well trained runner and a very impressive woman.  This is adding to my motivation to get good at this because there is no way I am being lapped by my mother at a 5k run. Ok so maybe its not just her who is competitive but I came upon it honestly.

I made it through the rest of the run we finished 4.69 kilometres in 31 minutes which I think is pretty good seeing as we alternated between 5 minutes running and 2 minutes walking with a 5 minute walking start.  I did also complain and go relatively slow until my running buddy caught on to my ploy.

How on earth do you get past the uncomfortable cold air feeling in your lungs and how do you gracefully deal with a very runny nose? Any Tips?

I think a great quote for this run is “If at first you don’t succeed try try again.”

Well tomorrow is another day!

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