September 2016

30th Birthday and three 10 k’s!

It has been one heck of a month! AS you may get from the title It was not only my 30th birthday but I  did three 10 km races and ran some really long runs! (In my opinion anyways).

So lets start with my birthday! It wasn’t so scary with turning 30 to be honest! My best friend and her husband came down and surprised me with a cooking class Friday!  And I am the hardest person ever to surprise because I am the most planny person ever.

Saturday we then went to my parents for brunch and went to the lake! I took the plunge into the less then warm lake with my family and friends! It was a blast

We all went for dinner and sang karaoke after that! It was a really great time! I couldn’t believe how much love i felt! I am really lucky to have such great friends and family! My sister and brother even came down from Edmonton!

Now to the running portion of my month!

My first ten km race of the month was the Race for Pace! This race raises money for children with disabilities which is a great cause! Running for those who can’t is something i feel very strongly about! This race was also my running buddies first 10 km race and he did so amazing! I didn’t get a PR this one but really enjoyed myself!

My second ten km race of the month was the Terry Fox Run! This run raises money for Cancer research which really hits home for me.  My grandmothers breast cancer was missed and not diagnosed till it was progressed substantially.  It was also a great day out and so great to see all the supporters! Terry Fox’s story was so touching! I am so happy that I could run in support of this!

My third 10 km race was the Heartbeat Run.  This was one for the books…. Have you ever got lost in a race?  Well now I can say I have! This race had the most hills I have ever seen! As we began the race on a steep hill my eyes almost bulged right out of my head when i saw what we had to do!  Thank goodness for hill training! I was 3rd in the pack when we reached the 5 km mark… I did not turn around and well I was supposed to! I proceeded to run another .5 km prior to realizing no one was behind me.  I ran back and caught back up ending up in 7th place and 1st in the women. The kicker is that I went off track so the time is not counted on my runners dashboard. So in the future when someone is cheering and waving their hands at you, you may be going the wrong way!

As you all know as well I am training for my first half Marathon in October! The Okanagon Marathon on October 11th to be exact!  I finished my longest run for 17 km and am going to start tapering down for the first weeks in October!  It felt so good and I kept just enough energy to finish with a good sprint! Check out my pace stats!

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