My First 5k Race!

Mothers Day 2015

So I made sure I was in bed by 11pm the night before, ate pasta for dinner and hydrated like a champ!  What else does one need?  A playlist is what I needed I rushed around in the morning trying to throw together a playlist for my run.  If anyone has any input on good running tracks I would love your input!

Since it is my first 5 km race I am going to give you a play by play…
I woke up at 7 am and well I am a morning person so I was quite excited about the race.  I danced around to a little Carly Rae Jepson and woke up my parents who were staying with me.  I may or may not have jumped on their bed and screamed “Race Day”. I continued to do the same for my racing buddy! He didn’t answer but he received the same treatment when he called me back! Sharing my enthusiasm of course!
I ran downstairs and made a great smoothie for all of us and chugged water as I picked out my fastest looking outfit! I tend to be a tad OCD with prepping for events so I had everyones shirts ready with they numbers pinned to the front.
We got to the race venue a tad early but I loved to enjoy the festivities as it was for such a good cause! Also I wanted to take one hundred pictures! Here are a couple post run pics!
Can you feel my excitement!
We lined up and I made sure we were close to the front.  I also made sure everyone had their shoes double knotted because no one wants to stop to tie shoes! They thanked me for it later!
The gun shot was fired and we took off! Me and my running buddy stayed close for the first while, I felt really good.  I felt hydrated and as I dodged people to get ahead in the pack I was feeling really optimistic about this run.  I had driven the so called route the night before and there were no real hills, it was going to be a breeze. WRONG!
I saw the first hill and was ok with it, I have extremely long legs so if I run pulling my knees up I can gain momentum (Thanks Mom for that tip).   My running buddy kept up the hill and once I kept that momentum I lost him, however my little momma pinched my side.  She had caught up! I think i am lucky I didn’t get a good poke in my stomach because I am pretty sure my core was not engaged!  Mom and I ran next to each other till the last kilometre and up two more hills!  I lost momentum on the last one! Note to self do not get cocky at the beginning and prep for a big finish.  I did not do that.   At the one kilometre mark my phone said I had almost ran 5km which was weird but I kept going.  My mom told me not to wait for her and go ahead.  As the crowed cheered I flew through the finish line.  I am disappointed I didn’t sprint to my full potential as my poor legs were not loving me and the last hill had taken a tole on my energy level!
The results were in! I was scared to look but as I passed through the sea of people I stopped my phone tracker and these were my results:
Distance: 5.47 Km
Duration: 27.09 minutes
Calories: 323
Average pace: 4.58 minute per km
Average speed: 12.1 kph
Max speed: 16 kph (way slower then my previous run!)
I am really pleased with this for my first run especially since I ran with my mom for a good 2 km and didn’t push myself for that period or the last 100 m.  I am excited to see what I can do if I push myself a little harder.
The results on the website is a tad different…. (Their distance is off, they even messed up my ranking and number with my dad, it even still has his gender ranking so I did it myself).
Duration: 26.25 minutes
Pace: 5.14 minutes per km
Overal Ranking: 69 out of 2693
Gender Ranking: 19 (it says 50th on the site though)
Category Rank: 6
Overall good race with a great cause (donating money to Calgary’s Neonatal Units) and to top it off I donated .990 to Educating Women in Low Income Countries!  What a great mothers day! So proud of myself and all the people who participated!
Here’s us post run!

I think my quote for this run was “I can and I will.”
I hope you all had an amazing mothers day and a great weekend!
Training for my 10 km run on May 31st now so will be running 6 km at a steady pace this afternoon! Wish me luck!

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