Fighting The I CANTS


Sometimes life happens and you get so busy you can’t keep up. That has been my last two weeks!

I have been so busy with work, company and training. The cherry on top of my busy life is my constant struggle with  the “I Cants” these past couple weeks… I am blaming it on mental exhaustion.  I assume all of you have had this issue but I am going to explain my particular struggle.

Usually when running as long as I get out the door I enjoy my runs…. Not lately. I get out the door and unless I am running with my group I struggle for at least the first 6 km which is a descent distance.  My head seems to have a little bit of a fog questioning my ability to go the distance.  Questioning if I really can do a full marathon by May 1st.

I have still kept up on my training schedule:

Monday: Pace Run
Tuesday: Strength Training
Wednesday: Hills
Friday: Technique
Sunday: Long Run

I have struggled was believing in myself.  I know many people struggle with this so I am hoping my solution will help you.

On Sunday as all Sundays, I got up and had my smoothie before meeting my running clinic for their longest run to date 10k!  So proud of them!

From there I went home, changed and then took off to part two of my run that is my personal training run and longest run of the week, 11 miles. I packed a gel for energy, had some water and away I went.

The first 6km as per usual were agonizing, I had every excuse in my head on why I should quit and how I am not good enough to pull off my goals.  Then it hit me! My legs felt great, my breath was steady, I was doing great! An older lady passed me walking so carefully with her cane and smiled and it perked me up even more.  That was it! I am so lucky to be able to run and should enjoy it for that reason alone! I focused the next 4 km’s on smiling at every single person that passed by me, I touched the trees, I took a good look at my surrounding and realized I am doing great for me!  As km 10 hit I went to reach for my gel and well it was gone… I must have forgot it.  Those “I cants” tried to sneak in again but I pushed them out with a smile! I spend the remainder of my run smiling at everyone and taking in the beauty of what is running!

Sometimes I get so caught up in the time that I forget the beauty that surrounds running.  The moral of the story is YOU CAN.  I promise you can and those I cants are mental bully’s IGNORE THEM and SMILE.

I hope this helps anyone who is going through an I CANT situation.

Dig Deep and Smile, You Can Do it!

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