Charity Miles

Today while scrolling though social media today I found this article on an application called Charity Miles! My understanding of it is that with before every walk or run you choose a charity and then they donate .25 for every mile you do! I know this isn’t a lot of money but how amazing is it that now no only will you have a great opportunity to be healthy by running but benefit someone else through charity while doing it!
Being healthy could not only help change your own life but someone else in need! This is a great app so I hope you join me in making this a regular part of my running/walking/biking routine!
The charities that are included in this are:
The World Food Program
Stand Up for Cancer
Every Mother Counts
Wounded Warrior Project
Alzheimer’s Association
Feeding America
World Wildlife Fund
The Michael J. Fox Foundation
The Leukaemia Society
Habitat for Humanity
St Jude
Autism Speaks
Team Red
Girls on the run
The Nature Conservatory
Pencils of Promise
Special Olympics
Girl Up
Crohns and Colitis Foundation
Team for Kids
She’s the First
Nothing but nets
Back on my feet
The Partnership for a healthier America
Achilles International
The Ironman Foundation
Vision Spring
Join me in this! I think it is so amazing! I think my excitement is pretty apparent here. The list of charities are pretty extensive and I know that they are big organization so many people will argue that the money doesn’t go right to the cause.  When you run how are you giving back to society?  Even if 10% goes towards the cause doesn’t that help?
Think about it!

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