Calgary Stampede Road Race 2015

This weekend was one for the books, not only was it successful but it truly was a blast!
The Thursday night began with a great run! I did a 45:00 minute pace run! I did this on the treadmill keeping a base speed of 7.5, picking up to 9!  I always get bored on the treadmill so 45 minutes seemed like awhile and I found myself counting down the minutes.  I was lucky to have my mom on the treadmill next to me cheering me on. Any tips on how to stay entertained on the treadmill?  Or any good songs that would add some excitement to my runs?

I continued my night with a great night on the golf course.  This is the first time I have actually pulled out my clubs in a year! Although it started off a little rough I ended up getting back into the swing of things.  We opted to not keep score… That being said it may have taken us a little over three hours for 9 holes.  Hopefully next time we can cut that one in half! Overall it was a really great time!

Friday morning I began my day with a long walk with my dog.  He loves to outside but its to hot for him to go later in the day.  For short runs and walks he is the best little addition to my adventures!
I followed my walk with coffee with a great new addition to my life…. I’m not going to elaborate here just yet but more details are to come!
I spent my afternoon house shopping with my mother! They are moving to Calgary for August 1st and want something perfect. We found a couple great area’s and running paths! The great part is that they found a house they love! Success!

We finished our day off our day with a The Spy! I do not remember the last time I went to the theatre so it was a nice change of things and a great way to end my night!  The movie was actually quite entertaining! My parents love Mellissa McCarthy so they got a kick out of it!  Family time is always the best!

I spent my Saturday hydrating and eating healthy for my race on Sunday.  I did some cleaning and spent the rest of the day relaxing!  How do you spend the day before your race?  What are your favourite things to eat? Here is what I had for my meals!
1 Banana
Oatmeal with one teaspoon of brown sugar
Breakfast smoothie:
Mixed berries,
A scoop of Vega Vanilla Protein,
Teaspoon of Flax Seed,
1.5 cups of  coconut water
One boiled egg
Assorted Peppers
Shredded Carrots
Red Onions
One teaspoon of ranch dressing
Brown Rice
Boiled Chicken Breast
Cooked peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, red onions
Side of Siracha
That leads me to race day!!! I woke up at 6 am and was excited but not nearly as excited as usual, I showered off and had breakfast (same as day before) along with one litre of water.  This was the first race I ran without my parents so this one would be more of an internally driven race then any before. The day was a little cold and windier then I have seen in years! I put on a bit of a warmer outfit then planned and headed to the race!
Once I got to the race I searched for water but couldn’t really find any then spent my last 15 minutes just enjoying the atmosphere.
The countdown began and I still didn’t have my usually excitement but I perked myself up and started my music.  I took off with a bit of slower initial stride but aimed to keep a relatively steady pace of 04:48 per km throughout! There were quite a few hill this time which slowed me down and that wind was hard to break through! Between the cold air and wind the conditions were no ideal.  I had to even slow down for some water!
As I came around the corner I picked up my pace to go through what I thought was the finish line! As I went through the arch I realized I still had about 3/4 of a kilometre to go.  It took me a second to pick up my pace again but swiftly crossed the finish line at 00:46:16.20.  I was 65th to finished 6th in my category.  My next goal is to complete a 10k in 45 minutes. My next race is on July 25th so I am hoping to make it happen!
Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend no matter what they did!
The quote that really feels to fit in my life right now is from Janine Ripper saying “I am exactly where I need to be right now.”
Although I have had a rough go I am feeling quite good in my life and really looking forward to making even more progress in the months to come!

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