2015 Highlights

 My Top 5 for 2015

For those of you who kept up with me over the past year you know that my year was full of challenges however I did get through them all and finished the year with a smile on my face.  It’s so important to remember the good so I figured it would be a great start to 2016 to highlight some of my positives!

1) My Europe Solo Trip!  In February I got the opportunity to go to Nice, France for a work conference. From there I traveled to Italy stopping in Verona, Venice and Rome.  This was such an amazing chance to get to know myself better and really learn to love myself! I was so excited to see the beautiful architecture, eat amazing food and breathtaking scenery!

2) Some great PR’s! In 2015 I was racing like crazy with seven 5km races and five 10km races! My 5 km PR went down to 21:46 and my 10 km PR went down to 46:16! Such an amazing accomplishment!

3) My First Half Marathon! Not only was this a huge accomplishment but I even beat my 2:00 time goal with a PR of 1:49:16!

4) Meeting my Boyfirend.  As corny as this one is it was really a great part of my year! Not only is he supportive to my goals but is the best cheerleader a girl could ask for!

5) Becoming a running coach for the running room was truly a great honor! This year I got the opportunity to coach 11 amazing women to successfully complete their first 5km or beat their time goals.

What more could a girl ask for!  Although 2015 had a lot of ups and downs looking at this list truly makes me see how lucky I am!

I would love to hear everyone’s positives for the year as well! I encourage you all to do so! #positive2015

So excited to see what 2016 will bring!

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